Sette’s Chihuahuas of Long Island, New York




*Now in our 8th Generation with Co-Bred 5X BEST IN SHOW GCHP CH VINNIE (as of this writing)
along with Sister GCHG CH VIVIE and
and Their Gorgeous Offspring!


Proud Member
in Good Standing

Progressive Dog Club

Ladies Kennel Association of America

 Chihuahua Club of Greater New York
Current BOD

Prior Club Affiliations

Chihuahua Club of America
Prior BOD, Awards & Recognition Chair

Chihuahua Club of Canada

Hudson Valley Chihuahua Club

Heart of New England Chihuahua Club
Past Secretary, 
Past BOD

 Chihuahua Club of Mid-Jersey
Past Secretary, Past BOD & Public Relations

Nassau-Suffolk Owner-Handlers Association


My first Chihuahua came from Mexico in the mid 1950’s.  While vacationing there, a cousin came upon the cutest puppy and bought it for my father.  I was very young and she soon became my best friend.  Her name was “Chickie”, I remember dressing her in dolls’ clothes.  Wow, did she have a lot of patience, what a great dog!  Chickie lived seventeen years under dad’s great care. 

My father loved dogs and owned larger breeds; he chose spending latter years with these little dogs.  That’s how I was first introduced to this toy breed, somewhat different today in appearance.  Luckily we find the same attitude and intelligence as that of its ancestors!


Bat Girl and Giulia


 At this writing we’re at *eight generations, beginning with Sassy-ROM and now delightfully on to our next generation!  Our official AKC registered name is Sette, the family name.

My favorite saying is THINGS CHANGE, but sometimes that takes time.  Take Chihuahuas — we now see an evolution in breed type. Working with those changes while keeping what’s good is key!  You’ve found us whenever you see our signature girl “Fanny”, for she’s a New York Chihuahua!

My name is Grace Sette.  I live with my husband and family on beautiful Long Island, near the Queens, NYC border.  Much of my adult life was spent without Chihuahuas.  As fate would have it, early in 2003 I found the little ones for the second time around!  With my new puppy “Chiquita”, I quickly learned the Chihuahua had taken on a new look! 

With much research, mentors, education, perseverance and several motivating circumstances, the dream of Sette’s Chis was realized.  I would like to thank my very supportive husband and family along with the many friends for their encouragement.  This combination has afforded the fabulous opportunity to play my part in promoting healthy, sound Chihuahuas.  I pride myself on breeding for the splendid disposition reminiscent of that found in the dogs of my childhood, gone but forever in my heart!


Sette’s Chihuahuas of Long Island, New York